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About the Website:

Wellness and Chill is a website for those who believe that just as a person is more than the sum of their parts, so is the world. As we go through life, it is increasingly apparent that everything is interconnected. Health intersects with culture. Art intersects with politics. Geography intersects with how we view the world. It’s all connected.

For me, creating a website dedicated to only one aspect of my being and of the world seemed limited. I wanted to create a website that was multifaceted, but was coherent enough to tell a story if you looked hard enough.

Here’s my attempt to put together all of the pieces.


Original and curated posts about my personal wellness, integrating culture and wellness into daily practice, and current research and policy relating to health and nutrition.

Fake Art Student Things
Join this Fake Art Student (me) as I explore the international arts and culture scenes.

Actions and Events
What I’m doing and where I am. Alternatively, what you could be doing and where you could be. Let’s hang.

What I Read This Week
A weekly digest of the news, journalism, research, and posts from around the Internet that are just too good to pass up. Occasionally, there will be book reviews and other noteworthy tidbits here.

& Chill
For everything else.

About the Creator: Markita Lewis, MS, RD


Photo by Chris Scranton

Markita Lewis is a registered dietitian originally from south Louisiana currently living and working in Los Angeles, CA. She completed her undergraduate degree in nutrition at Louisiana State University in 2014 and earned her master’s degree while completing her dietetic internship at the University of Georgia in 2016. Markita has a professional interest in learning more about food culture and how to help others maintain cultural identity while achieving a healthy lifestyle.

Markita likes to consider herself a modern Renaissance woman – she is a writer of short fiction and poetry, a skater for Angel City Derby, a self-proclaimed Fake Art Student, a published researcher, and activist.

In her free time, Markita enjoys seeing live music, doing nerdy things with her friends, attending events in the art scene, reading, teaching herself Spanish and Italian, playing board games, and going on adventures around town.