Nutrition Services

I offer a variety of professional services as a registered dietitian and health & wellness copywriter. My main focuses are on freelance writing and copyediting, but I am open to other related consulting opportunities.

Freelance Copywriting

I integrate my love of writing with my expert experience as a dietitian and science communicator as a copywriter and editor. I enjoy writing about general nutrition and wellness, food justice and food policy, cultural foodways, mental health, and the psychology of food and nutrition.

I am a writer with Reisdorf Writing Services, an evidence-based content marketing strategy company made up of dietitian writers. With this team, I create content such as SEO-optimized evidence-based articles, case studies, course content, marketing materials, as well as email and newsletter campaigns.

I have written for clients including Viome, Else Nutrition, NatureSweet Tomatoes, BRL Sports, Visual Veggies Software, Transparent Labs, Montreal Weights, HeadsUp Health.

View my portfolio page for samples of my work.

Public Speaking and Consulting

I am a public speaker and consultant for wellness organizations and schools. I have given presentations on nutrition topics including cultural foods and wellness, sports nutrition, diabetes management for a variety of populations.

Some of my recent presentations include:

  • Balancing the Joy of Food with Honoring Our Cultural Upbringings, a community talk presented at Mayfield Senior School of the Holy Child’s Black History Month Mini-Conference in Pasadena, CA.
  • What Should Our Patients with Diabetes Eat and Review of Nutrition Curriculum, a virtual webinar presented at the 7th Annual DHS Diabetes Day Conference in Los Angeles, CA.
  • Integrating Locally Grown Foods and Community Gardening into Healthy, Plant-Based Lifestyles, a community talk presented at the West Adam’s Neighborhood Council’s Taste of Spring event in Los Angeles, CA.

If your community organization, business, or event would like the expertise of a registered dietitian to speak to your group, please contact us.

If interested in any of the services above, please contact Markita at or through LinkedIn.

Photo by Lukas Blazek on Unsplash