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My Black Future Month

In 2018, speculative fiction/afrofuturist writer N.K. Jemison released a collection of short stories called How Long ‘til Black Future Month? I read it as my first book with the Afrofuturism Book Club last year, which has taken me on a journey with all sorts of fiction that I may not […]

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Synaesthesia: What is the taste of the color blue?

This fall, the International Association of Synaesthetes, Artists, and Scientists (IASAS) is collaborating with the Art|Sci Center of UCLA to bring a series of events to Los Angeles to teach the general public about synaesthesia and bring together the international community of synesthetes. Through art exhibitions, the first IASAS Synaesthesia Symposium, […]

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Welcome to Wellness and Chill!

Hello reader! Welcome to Wellness and Chill, a website dedicated to examining the intersections of life at culture, health, and current events! Many of you are strangers who are wondering how they stumbled upon this website–don’t question it! Some of you who know me beyond your computer (or mobile) screen […]