Nutrition Services

Freelance Writing

Since she was a child, Markita has enjoyed writing as a hobby. Now as a professional, she integrates her love of writing with nutrition education and science communication. She enjoys writing about general nutrition and wellness, food justice and food policy, cultural foodways, mental health, and the psychology of food and nutrition.

Markita is currently a contributing writer to Ana Reisdorf’s dietitian writing service, and writes evidenced-based blog posts and articles for a variety of health and wellness websites.

Public Speaking

If your community organization, business, or event would like the expertise of a registered dietitian to speak to your group, please contact us. Markita has discussed various nutrition topics (general healthy eating, cultural foods and wellness, and eating to promote physical performance) for a variety of populations.

If interested in any of the services above, please contact Markita at or through the contact form on the website.

Photo by Lukas Blazek on Unsplash